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Strona główna / Edinburg VdGM2022


Vasco da Gama Forum: Edinburgh 2022


Can you believe it's been just over two years since our last face-to-face VdGM event? It's definitely time to see each other in person again!

Take a look at our programme ➡️ https://bit.ly/2Y613Gw .

We have incredible speakers including RCGP president Amanda Howe and author of The Inner Consultation, Roger Neighbour.

We are also accepting submissions for oral presentations, workshops and posters ➡️ https://bit.ly/39QiEom



Może jest ktoś chętny na fantastyczne forum VdGM w Edynburgu? 

28-29.01.2022 w końcu spotkanie w realu!!

Warto jechać i złapać trochę energii i bakcyla Vdgm  zapisy już ruszyły!!